Honeywell Workstation w1110

Kod produktu: w1110

Wycofana z produkcji

The Workstation w110 is a revolutionary desktop printer from Datamax-O’Neil by Honeywell. This compact desktop printer offers a design that contributes to its durability, while its standard features are similar to those found on the Performance printer line.
These features include Ethernet 10/100, 50 resident/scalable fonts, 300-dpi printhead for superior print quality and industrystandard PCL5e printer language. The compact design is perfect for environments that require a small footprint and the internal design provides reliable performance and efficient output.
The Workstation w110 printer is designed for a wide variety of industries and applications that require a small yet powerful printing solution. The Workstation w110’s superior print quality is ideal for applications such as pharmaceutical, product labeling, asset management and shelf labeling. This compact thermal printer can dramatically reduce costs by streamlining operations, increasing productivity and managing important assets.

The Workstation w110 offers PCL, a globally adopted lasercompatible printer language that allows easy integration into SAP® and other network environments.

The Workstation w110 is available at a lower cost than comparable desktop printers and its durable design will provide many years of reliable performance. The printer offers standard features that are typically options for competing printers.

Producent : Honeywell
Metoda wydruku : Termiczna
Rozdzielczość : 300dpi
Max szerokość wydruku : 110 mm
Max prędkość wydruku : 102 mm/s
Interfejsy : Ethernet / RS232 / USB
Temperatura : 0°C - 40°C
Wymiary : 172 x 211 x 153 mm
Masa : 1,45 kg
Kondensacja : 10 - 80% nieskondensowane